Changing Futures

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Baby Brandon's future was changed by our Home-Start trained volunteer who supported his mum Samantha. Samantha suffered from an extreme form of Postnatal Depression which kept her virtually housebound. She says ...

"I was on the edge of either killing myself or losing my child. My wonderful volunteer encouraged me to leave the  house and helped me to bond with my child. 

She made the bad days bearable and was there for me no matter what."

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Many young children are surrounded by hardship or tragedy: from bereavement to isolation or disability; from a mother with a postnatal illness who cannot connect with them, to a father with drug and alcohol problems; from financial hardship and food shortages to terrible housing. Tragically, many children living within our area facing many of these challenges.
For more than 20 years Home-Start Wellingborough & District has supported many, many local vulnerable children and their families. Last year alone we worked with almost 220 children from 75 different families.

Families with young children continue to need our support and we need people to pledge an ongoing monthly donation of £3 per month…..
Can you be one of those people?
Go on, donate now and change a child’s future!

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